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This suckermouth armored catfishes are also know as plecos, there are more than 500 especies and  they present a very unique and exotic morphological adaptations as the body shape adapted to a botom live style between  the rocks and woods  and the eyes (omega iris )wich allows the plecos to adjust the ligth that actually enters into the eyes.
We are aviable to offer a very wide selection of especies including several cainds of (Hypancistrus) , (Baryancistrus) , (Peckoltia) , (Panagolus) ,(Ancistrus) especies a unique prime selection of plecos from every corner from Brazil like the Amazon jungle, Atlantic rain forest, pantanal flooded lands and parana river basin.
From common classic plecos to very rare premium fishes that are new to science.
All fish plecos have a track-fish number of prooven origin.
if you are allredy a Pleco Fish Brazil montlhy costumer please ask for the new discover Brazilian Plecos.