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These armored catfishes are from South America and are mainly bottom dwellers.  They inhabit a great variety of rivers and lake ecosystems in the tropical Amazon rainforest, subtropical Atlantic rain forest, and Pantanal flood lands of Brazil.  This species adapts very well to new home aquariums.  There are about 500 known Corydoras species and Pleco Fish Brazil offers 50 different species including very rare exotic Corydoras such as the (Scleromystas), (Arcuatus) and the (C55 Xinguensis (ln9)).
All of our Corydoras have a fish tracking number with proof of origin.
Please inquire with us to get a list of all of our Brazilian Corydoras.
Please note that some Corydora species are only available seasonally.  
If you are already a Pleco Fish Brazil customer please ask for the exclusive list of newly discovered Brazilian Corydoras