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There are arround 100 described especies of cichilds  on the brazilian fresh water systems, Pleco Fish Brazil offer true the all year  a different types of ciclids including the very famous Discos (Symphysodon) on different vivid  colors like  (blue, green,yellow, red).
Another classic of the aquarium trade the angel fish (Pterophyllum) is  also available , plus many more cichilds some of them are uncommon and rare for example the( Crenichilla compressienps) from Amazon Jungle or the (Crenichilla lacustris) from the Atlantic rain forest, also the (Geophagus iporangensis) or the (Geophagus Tapajos red head).
we are available  to offer some ciclids that are difficult to find on trade business.
All ciclhlids have a fish-track number of certificate origin. 
please contact us to get the entierley list of Cilchilds fishes