Catfishes and other especies


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Different especies of catfishes

This group of  diferent families of cat fishes includes the (Auchenipteridae),(Heptateridae), (Pimelodae) and they present some common morphological  characteristics as the lack of scales and long sensitive  barbels.
The (Pimelodae) fish family has some very big catfishes that inhabit the deep dark channels of the brazilian rivers and lakes, so they are suitable for big display aquariums with big roocks and woods, for example  for  the public city aquariums.
Pleco Fish Brazil Scientific Research Aquarium Fish Exporter offer a list of options like the Gold Zebra Pim (Brachiplatystoma Juruense) or the Gulper catfish (Asterophysus Batrachus) plus some others.
The (Auchenipteridae) family has very rare and allmost unkwon secretive fishes like the shuehead catfishes and the tatias drifwood fishes.
All catfishes has a fish-track number of prooven origin.
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