Our Aquariums

Biotop-biochemistry aquarium, replica of different Brazilian rivers from the Amazon and Atlantic rain forest, are basically natural replicas of the diferent river basin  environments by using the same natural elements that are found in-situ at the target denominated  place(river), like rooks, wood types and  different sandns wich  varies   from one river basin to another.
With the time the aquarium water starts to  dissolve this natural elements (wood,roock,sand) and slowly changes the water parameters getting very similar to the water quality features  of those fish natural river basin origins. 
This natural elements are picked up by hand at the denominated  river basin place  and if necessary we will provide the GPS data for our costumer.
Fishes will display more colorfull and complex behavior  because they feel at their natural  origin habitat.
This are the following ecosystems that are available for a natural biotop  replicas, please notice that each river basin natural elements  has a different tag price that  depends on how remote is the denominated  river basin area.
*Amazon Jungle.
Xingu river, Tapajos river, Negro river, Madeira river, Trombetas river, Branco river and  Amazon river deep trench channel.
*Atlantic rain forest.
Upper stream cloud forrest river  and  Serra do mar river basin.
*Pantanal Flooded seassonal  land .
*Parana  river basin (cold- water).  
This service is aviable for Wholesale fish importres, Pubic city aquariums, Univercities and Research institutions arroud the world.