About Us

Our Mission

Scientific Research Professional Exporter  group specialized on exotic rare freshwater ornamental aquarium fishes from differnt  Brazilian rivers and lakes and also the scientific knowledge of the different freshwater  ecosystems of those fish especies, (biogeography).
Sinze 2016, our main head quarters are located on a high tech bussines bulding at Helbor Offices vila rica 754, island of Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Because we are a Scientific professional  group  we are avilable  to work directly with Public City Aquariums, Univercities, International fish importers and international breeders arround the world.
Itroduccing a new concept of biotop-biochemistry reeplay aquariums by using the same natural elements (wood,rooks,sand and plants )that are found in-situ on the diferent river basisns in order to aproach as much as possible to the natural water biochemical  parameters and the natural enviroment on those fishes were involbe trough their evolutionary prosses.